Tragic Seal Beach Shooting

On Wednesday, October 12th, there was a tragic shooting in Seal Beach.  A man went on a 2-minute shooting rampage at the salon where his wife worked.  He was bitter over their divorce proceedings and was going through a frustrating custody battle over their 8 year-old son.  Eight lives were lost in this hot-headed decision.

I heard about the shooting, which is pretty close to where I live, and I was heartbroken and disappointed.  The only thing I could really think was “Really?”  Are we really still doing this?  Are we still going on shooting rampages and stealing lives?   Haven’t we learned from any of the senseless shootings that we’ve experienced as a country over the past decade?

We live in an age where there are ten thousand other ways to communicate what you’ve got to say.  We’ve got lawyers, blogs, e-mail, the phone, facebook, twitter, text messaging, video-blogs, and good old fashioned face to face communication.  By making this move, this man will not only NOT have communicated his message, but he’ll probably never be able to foster a decent relationship with his son, and will have the eight lives that he took on his own conscience and at the forefront of thought to any one who he’ll ever meet.   It’s a waste.  A tragic waste.

I wrote a song about it.  Here is a performance I did at my open mic at the Viento y Agua Coffeehouse right after I finished it.

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