Hello Darling!


Upcoming Show
Music Emerging Presents: Live at the Copper Still

Alyssandra Nighswonger & Paul Kenny
Friday, February 16th at 7pm
4493 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles



 * * * * *

New Free Album: Songs for Grandma
Click here to Stream or Download at soundcloud.com


My grandma just turned 83 years old, and I spent a few days last week recording some sweet & dreamy acoustic covers, and just put the album up for free download. Even if you’re not a sweet lil grandma, it’s all yours!


 * * * * *


Survive Sunrise at The Compound Studio in Signal Hill at the Road to the American Tour Kick Off.



 * * * * *


This is my Tiny Desk Concert Contest Entry! Enjoy and share it if you love it!
This is my illustrated video for my song “Watch Out, Nosferatu” with the art of Dave Van Patten!


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